Municipality of Kočevje

Dear all.

The municipality of Kočevje is a special municipality in Slovenia. It is the largest municipality in the country, covered by the most mysterious and best-preserved forests in Slovenia, which can be explored over the longest full-circle range of well-maintained forest trails spanning a total length of as much as 500 km. The municipality’s history includes other exceptional highlights: the most romantic medieval story between Veronika and Frederick of Celje, a minority with the longest existence in Slovenia over a period of 650 years, the start of the largest peasant revolt in Slovenia in 1515, unfortunately the most affected city after the Second World War, inhuman massacres after the war in Kočevski Rog, and underground facilities for the potential war during the Cold War. All this and more can also be explored by bicycle, as we have been successfully developing into an active green destination. Kočevje is the regional centre, boasting a quality educational system, a rich cultural offer, an emerging centre of European robotics, a developing wood production, and the base of advanced chemical industry. It is considered to be the most economically penetrating municipality in Slovenia, with an exceptional system of support to the economy and all potential investors.

We look forward to seeing you in the Kočevje region. Welcome.

Best regards,
Dr. Vladimir Prebilič
Mayor of the municipality of Kočevje

dr. Vladimir Prebilič